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Netscape No!

AmigaZone is back online, running on new hardware. All services have been restored. Nothing was lost. Both the Web interface and the BBS interface are functioning as they were before the hardware failure.

Whether you have a trial or a paid account, your account settings, log-in name, password, mailbox, and everything else should be exactly as it was before the old server failed on 18 October, 2014.

If you notice anything wrong after you log-in, please direct your questions or concerns to hlaser at socal dot rr dot com -

Last Updated: 23, October, 2014..

Please note!.. as of 01 April, 2012, the AmigaZone Guestbook went away.. temporarily.. this is not our decision.. Lycos / Tripod, who our free guestbook, did away with ALL of their HTML "Gear", per an email they sent out in February, 2012.. Why? Who knows.. they didn't say why.. they just emailed and said "Please be advised that HTML Gear will be retiring on April 1, 2012. As of that date, all HTML Gear modules will cease functioning and you will no longer be able to log into to make changes or updates.".. so screw them.. I'll find another guestbook-hosting service somewhere.. thus, currently, clicking the Guestbook "sign" and "view" buttons over there on the left side of all pages of this site will take you nowhere, until I find another guestbook-hosting thingie to replace the one were using for years.. Thanks, Lycos.. you suck!..


AmigaZone Founder..

AmigaZone Logo

Last Updated: 23, October, 2014..

AmigaZone runs on a screaming-fast server with 2 Terrabytes of mirrored Storage, and a LOT of enhancements planned for the coming months.. if you're a current AmigaZone member, you can Telnet to or Browse to as usual - your User Name and Password have NOT changed.. your email has NOT been lost.. You'll notice a number of cosmetic and functional changes in both interfaces.. play around with your settings, and customize your account any way you wish.. Since we moved AmigaZone to a new machine, we're also running the latest Wildcat Interactive Net Server, the system may go down, VERY briefly, from time to time as we twiddle and fine-tune, add new features, new file libraries, and other features, yadda yadda.. this notice will be modified when needed.. if you are a paid AmigaZone member, please contact Harv at hlaser at socal dot rr dot com if you require any assistance.. Thank you for your understanding and your continued patronage!..

AmigaZone members please note! AmigaZone monthly billing is processed by Flashback Electronics. If you are a paying member, when you see a charge show up on your Credit or Debit Card statement from Flashback Electronics, this is your AmigaZone billing.. Please contact Flashback Electronics" any time if you have any questions, or if your CC's expiration date or number changes.. Thank you for your cooperation..

Happy Birthday Amiga! Over twenty five years ago, The Amiga computer was introduced with much fanfare at Lincoln Center. Click the link to read about it, and then scroll up and down that page for more Amiga history.

What can you do with an Amiga?.. Todd Rundgren made this with ten Amiga 2500s and NewTek Video Toasters back in the 1990s.. (this video requires you have QuickTime installed)..

Eric Schwartz created this wonderful little animation based on the song "Still Alive" as a tribute to the Amiga.. (This video requires you have QuickTime installed)..

In Memoriam, Hal Samuelson. Long-time AmigaZone member and a close friend, Hal Samuelson, passed away of natural causes on August 13, 2004. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his wife and family. The linked photograph of Hal, surrounded by his vintage ham radio gear and computers, is Copyright 2004, Harv Laser, and may not be reproduced elsewhere in any form under any conditions for any reason, without explicit written permission.

In Memoriam, John Scheib. AmigaZone member, programmer, and a very dear friend for 20 years, John passed away of natural causes on June 26, 2003. Our deepest sympathy to his loving family. You can click this paragraph to view a few pictures of John with his family. These pictures are the sole property of The Scheib Family and are Copyright 2003 - 2013, The Scheib Family, are exclusively on loan to AmigaZone, and may not be reproduced elsewhere in any form under any conditions for any reason, without AmigaZone's explicit written permission.

Meet StAHG - AmigaZone's free gift to the Amiga ® Community!

Bob "Coz" Cosby Tribute Page is HERE

Look at some of the STUFF you can win if you join AmigaZone! The Members' Contests Prize selection changes constantly..

AmigaZone membership is forty cents a day!

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The AmigaZone, operating since 1985, is an online resource, community and oasis for Amiga ® computer owners, users and lovers, world-wide. We offer the best support possible for your Amiga computer needs. We know, love, use and believe in Amiga ® computers!

Amiga Inc.
Visit the official Amiga Inc. site, totally revamped again..

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Please note: this Web site is *NOT* the actual AmigaZone online service. This is our Web publicity presence for it. Paying members have unlimited access to a completely separate Web Site to access AmigaZone when they join. The Members' Site has NO banner ads of any kind on it. No annoying pop-ups. No sneaky b.s. ad-tracking cookies. It is fast-loading, free of frills, and VERY easy to use. And it works with all three popular Amiga Web Browsers: AWeb, IBrowse, and Voyager.. plus all the popular Winblows and Mac and UN*X browsers..

So.. what IS AmigaZone??

AmigaZone is an online service you can use with any Web Browser, or Telnet client, (if you like a BBS style interface). It will work on any computing platform from monster desktop machines to little Internet-connected hand-helds and smart phones.

You connect through your local ISP account, from anywhere in the world. NO long distance call required. Everything, including our live chats is accessible from BOTH interfaces. You can even log into both interfaces at the same time! Members have unlimited 24/7 access. We never have, do not now, and never will sell, rent, lease, lend, or give our membership list to anyone, for any reason whatsoever!

The Zone has dozens of message bases, over 100,000 downloadable files, (our file library is bigger than Aminet and goes all the way back to 1985, the year the Amiga ® Computer was born!) an Amiga ® Usenet newsfeed, "QWK" mail and news downloading capability, fourteen Amiga ® mailing lists that feed right into our message bases so you don't have to clog up your mailbox with them, an online gif/jpg library image thumbnail generator, live chat rooms, a members' private FTP site and POP3 mail server, and more features than any Amiga-specific service you've ever seen. You pay NO storage fees of any kind, ever. You get everything for a measly forty cents a day. There are NO extra-cost areas. Now ask yourself, what else can you get for forty cents a day? Two cigarettes. A cup of coffee? Hah. Fat chance. The cheapest burger in town? Good luck. A donut? A teaspoon of gasoline? A solid gold Kama Sutra Coffee Pot? Forty cents a day for the longest-lived, professionally-supported online Amiga ® Support Community is peanuts! (And you can't even get a bag of peanuts for forty cents!)..

AmigaZone a multi- interface, easy to use, fully Amiga ®-dedicated professionally-supported online service and we'd love to have YOU as a member!

If you ever find any broken links on this site, please give us your FEEDBACK so we can fix them. We know the "Links" page is stale, and it will be updated shortly.. Thanks!

Congratulations! You are now entitled to tell your grandchildren (or your parole officer) that you were the

life form to visit this page, since June 21, 1995. You are looking at one of the oldest Amiga ® Web Sites in existence.


    COOL FREE GIFT WHEN YOU JOIN! Join AmigaZone as a paid member, maintain your paid membership in good standing for three months, and when you do, you will be sent a FREE official (and hey, stylish!) AmigaZone Logo baseball cap, with adjustable thingie on the back, so one size fits all.. Your Official AmigaZone baseball cap will be mailed to you for FREE after you've kept your paid account open for three months! No other strings. No baloney! Click HERE to see a picture of the cap. The cap is universal-fit and the AmigaZone logo is in white with the Boing! ball that dots the "i" in its traditional red and white checks.

    To join, use our secure signup page (click the "Join Now" graphic above). There is no sign-up fee! AmigaZone billing is done month to month, and the charge will appear on your CC bill from Flashback Electronics.

    There is no long-term contract. Your account is opened upon charging and verification of your First Month's membership fee of US$12.95 to your Credit or Debit Card. Thereafter, you'll be billed US$12.95 per month.

    We no longer send out paper invoices and we don't accept checks, or PayPal.. sorry.. Credit or Debit cards only..

    Upon notification of your signup, you'll get an email with your login info and your free AmigaZone cap and gift will be mailed to you, after you have kept your paid account open and in good-standing for three months..


  • Click HERE to hear an .au version of our theme song
  • Click HERE for a shorter .8svx version
  • Click HERE for a 145K .au sound that expresses our sentiments for Commodore's Amiga marketing strategy

Click HERE to see the most useful thing you can do with a PeeCee, or HERE with a Lisa ;)

And Click HERE for a secret spy shot inside a Micro$oft employees rally!

R.I.P. The Amiga ® Web Directory :(

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